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Congo Road Trip - 1989
Hawaii Road Trip - 2012

There's a special thing about taking a road trip…it lies in a strong undercurrent of weird and wonderful places and a mighty desire for adventure. From the New York island to the Gulf Stream waters, we're firm believers that you're less than 5 minutes away from something (or someone) you can't find anywhere else.

The insatiable craving for extraordinary places drove co-founders James Fisher and Tatiana Parent to design Roadtrippers. The revolutionary web and mobile platform is the only place where travelers can seamlessly discover, plan, book, and navigate their next trip. With millions of the best diners, national parks, family museums, hotels and moreā€¦it really is the ultimate road travel companion.

An old picture of the 'roads' Fisher's family used to drive in Zaire.

So make good on that promise to yourself and take an adventure to unlearn a little. Rest assured, this is the good stuff. Let our team of local experts, culture buffs and tech gurus do the searching. We'll leave the finding up to you.

Fisher's Mom on her first road trip in the Scottish countryside - 1973.
James Fisher
James Fisher, CEO / Co-Founder
Tatiana Parent
Tatiana Parent, Co-Founder
Bruce Fisher
Bruce Fisher, Baby Mastermind